ABAravenna, the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, is an Institution in Italy that, within the Higher Education Schools, offers a three-year course in Visual Arts-Mosaic and a two-year course in Decoration-Mosaic.

The Triennium of Visual Arts-Mosaic (first level academic degree) is dedicated to all visual arts, favoring the Mosaic. The students attend numerous courses in addition to the mosaic: photography, new media, painting, drawing, anatomy, sculpture, decoration, ornamental plastic, engraving, jewelery. Courses in the history of contemporary art, communication, art education, English, computer science complete the course of studies.

The Biennium of Decoration-Mosaic (second level academic degree) offers a specialized training, unique in the world, to those who already have studied for the first level Academic Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree.

Students and teachers interested in undertaking a period of study/teaching at our Academy should be enrolled in an Institution with whom ABAravenna has signed a bilateral agreement.

Name and address of our Institution
Via delle Industrie 76, Ravenna – Italy | Phone +39 0544 453125
Erasmus+ Code: I RAVENNA 01

Erasmus+ office contacts
Administrative staff: Francesco Romano –
Coordinator for Teaching: Prof.ssa Maria Rita Bentini:

Three-year Course of Visual Arts-Mosaic (first cycle academic degree, undergraduate)
Two-year Course of Decoration-Mosaic (second cycle academic degree, postgraduate)

Exchange periods
Our deadline for the presentation of mobility application and documents are the 30th of June and the 30th of November of every year. All our classes are full year classes but exchange students can attend one semester only: the first from November until mid February; the second from mid February until mid June.
The Summer exams session is scheduled  the third week of June.
The Winter exams session is scheduled  the third week of February.

Sending documents deadline
Our deadline for the presentation of mobility application and documents is the 30th of June of every year for the first semester of next academy year, the 30th of November for the second semester.
The first semester begins the first week of November; the second semester begins the first week of February.

Language requirements
Italian, English B1

Language in use
There are also teachers who speak English but lessons are in Italian, not in English, even if they could explain something in English.

Student must come with the own insurance

Application procedures
A prior nomination from Home Institution by email, is required.
Then to register please proceed as follows: you fill out the Application form and the “Learning Agreement” with the supervision of Erasmus+ coordinator and you submit them by email to: Please use our Application form.
You can  choose any subjects affered at any cycle of our Faculty. The subjects and credits list are in our course catalogue.

On arrival at the Academy of Fine Arts please go to the students secretariat to get your Certificate of arrival by Francesco Romando and check out any doubts concerning your choice of subjects with the Erasmus+ coordinator, Prof.ssa Maria Rita Bentini.

Grades at

ABAravenna ECTS grades
30/30 e lode A+ (Excellent, cum laude)
30/30 A (Very good)
29/30, 28/30, 27/30 B (Good)
26/30, 25/30, 24/30 C (Satisfactory )
23/30, 22/30, 21/30 D (Sufficient)
21/30, 20/30, 19/30, 18/30 E (Just sufficient)

Less than 18/30 – Fail. The student hasn’t passed the exam and he/she cannot get the credits


Maria Rita Bentini, Francesco Romano 0544 453125
Maria Rita Bentini